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2 hours of in-person counseling.

If starting your own business interests you...

But you do not know where to start...

Or if you do not know whether your idea is good or bad...

Or you think you're ready whilst knowing you're missing something...

In that case, strike down from your path
these obstacles that prevent you from pursueing it.

With these 2 free hours, you may learn...


Is your business idea feasible and viable ?

Our more than 30 years experience allow us to determine using realistic scenarios if your business idea has a future, or if you should rework it.

Depending on your sector, we prevent you from making beginner mistakes that are so difficult to learn about on paper.


Marketing: knowing who to target, knowing how to budget, knowing what to expect

We have seen Google Ads become the giant it is today, with more options than words in a dictionary. It’s easy to get lost, but easier it is to lose all your savings in just a matter of days.

We can guide you, evaluate or create your online (as well as offline) advertising strategy and give you the most successful strategies for an entrepreneur.


Communicating as a company

We have seen many of our clients have a great and wonderful business idea without managing to successfully transmit this idea to their clientbase due to poor communication.

We will counsel you on essential and recognised guidelines that allow you to enter your client’s mind and push him or her towards action – a purchase.


The digital and technical aspect

In the 21st century, it is difficult to find a business that has absolutely no online presennce.

As entrepreneurs, we’re busy, we don’t have the time to learn all about this Web stuff in the hopes of making our own cozy spot within the Internet.

Do you even know what you may need ? How can one consider the usage of irreplaceable webmarketing tools when one doesn’t even know their existance ? With my team, we will guide you and explain in detail what your business needs to optimize and reach your business’ highest rate of success.

Interested ? If so, you only have to...

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